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Our Brief History

In 1972 a branch of the family business originating in Denver, Colorado was started in Rupert, Idaho. The primary purpose for the move was to become more competitive with the focused products for the North-West. Some of the early products produced by the company included Elevator-Pilers, Manure Spreaders, Live Floor® Trailers and production of one of the first Self-Unloader Trailer designs.

Over time the success and expansion of the business in Idaho became such as to necessitate the construction of a new production facility West of Rupert were the production space requirements of larger trailers could be accommodated. It was during this time that the business was incorporated as Interstate Manufacturing Inc. Now in its new facility the company began to focus its efforts in the sale and marketing of Live Floor® Trailers in the North-West and California. Our design proved very successful and the business grew steadily.

Seeking to market its' equipment and expertise to government entities, designs for steel and aluminum Live Floor® Refuse Trailers were developed. Again, the designs proved successful and our influence in the industry became a substantial part of the business.

As our expertise and experience grew the company turned its efforts to reviving a design for a Self-Unloading Belt Trailer. The first efforts focused on a steel design and several were built. As the company could see a need for a lighter design to accommodate larger payloads it turned design efforts to development of an aluminum Self-Unloading Belt Trailer. Using proven design elements from our Aluminum Live Floor® Trailers, and our vast experience in chain unloading equipment the two elements became the IMCO Self-Unloading Belt Trailer. The popularity of our Self-Unloading Belt Trailer has made it a major production item in our equipment line.

Unfortunately during this time the production facility suffered a major fire which destroyed the facility completely. Relocating production facilities to an onsite warehouse and an idle area of a nearby manufacturer, the lost equipment under construction was immediately rebuilt and deliveries were back on schedule. The new facility under construction was to triple our production capacity and within two months the facility was in use. Though the loss was devastating, the new production capacities and capabilities have brought us great prosperity and increased our ability to better serve our customers.

Expanding the market and service area of the business has been the main focus in recent years. Trailer and equipment are regularly delivered to all areas of the country from New York to California, and into Canada. We pride ourselves with the capability of offering superior products at an extremely competitive price. The three owner operators combined experience is well over 70 years and supplying our customers with reliable products, parts and service is our number one priority. We believe our experience and commitment to excellence is proof positive that,

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